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What exactly is an electric strike system? That’s a very fair question. Simply put: it’s a component of access control which allows for the automatic locking of doors in commercial or residential settings. It helps to control entry to any part of any building – whether outside leading in or inside leading to another room. We are the electric strike system specialist in Woodbridge, ON.Electric Strike System

One perfect example of such a system could be found at a business where from inside, you can still push the door open and release the lock automatically. Upon shutting itself closed behind you, it locks automatically, allowing access out while restricting access upon re-entry. This is very helpful, especially if you need to control the flow of traffic in and out of your building. At Woodbridge Access Control we provide this service accurately.

The Fail-Secure

A properly installed electric door strike system can come in two different variants. One of them, and the most common, is known as a fail-secure system. With this system, an electric current is supplied to the door when it is to be locked, while the current is interrupted when it unlocks. The best application for this variant of electric strike system is any exterior door. The added benefit of this strike system is that keys are no longer needed to gain access or deny access. Say goodbye to countless repetition of unlocking and locking.

The Fail-Safe

The second variant of electric strike systems is called the fail-safe system. It works in a similar manner to fail-secure doors, but is not recommended for any door that leads to the exterior of your building. They are designed to automatically unlock in the event of emergencies such as a fire, and can pose a security threat if they unlock and grant open access to the interior of your building.

Access Control Woodbridge can also install an electric door strike intercom system to help accommodate entry permissions and for added security. We also offer professional electric strike system repair for both residential and commercial customers. Call today to ask about our great services!

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